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We believe that efficient and sustainable products must start from an equally sustainable industrial processes by the use of renewable raw materials, as well as developing technologies that reduce the use of materials and treat environmental liabilities permanently.

We are immensely proud to be pioneer in the country with Closed Loop Water System. The concept begins with water collection. The entire contructed area of the company acts as a large rainwater collector that allows the renewal of treated water, thus achieving the water balance for production use. 

Solid waste also receives very special attention, with collection and separation stations throughout the company to be later recycled or reused. In addition, we actively assist in Brazil the installation of a technology for transforming solid residues of leather into organic fertilizers, making possible the Zero Effluent Release, without environmental liabilities for the generations to come.

Closed Water Circuit

Peles Pampa is pioneer in the use of a Closed Water Circuit, a system used by the company since 2004 in which we reuse all industrial water in the production process itself. The concept begins with water collection. We store only rainwater as a source of water supply. The entire covered and paved area of the company acts as a large rainwater collector that allows the renewal of treated water near the ponds, thus achieving water balance without reliance on land resources or third-party sources.

We have a modern treatment plant for the collection and appropriate treatment that meets the legal requirements for liquid effluent treatment resulting from the production process. Investment for the implementation and modernization of effluent efficiency exceeded USD 3 million. Constant monitoring of the performance of effluent treatment plants is carried out and compliance with the physical-chemical standards determined by legislation is monitored by the respective government agencies. In this system, all effluents go through several physical, chemical and biological steps to remove the organic load, heavy metals and other polluting substances. After it is used in the process, the water is treated and reused on the production line, without the need for disposal or new water abstraction, thus allowing the water to be reused without harming nature.

Solid Waste

The company has a selective collection system in which drums scattered throughout the factory serve to segregate the different types of waste that will be stored and later sent for recycling or recovery. Materials with recycling potential are separated and sent to recycling companies. We also maintain partnerships with composting companies, which transform organics into compounds that can be used, for example, as fertilizer in crops. Non-recyclable, hazardous and health waste are separated, decontaminated in some cases, and sent to the correct destination.

In addition, we have been actively assisting for over 10 years in the installation of a technology for transforming solid leather waste into organic fertilizers, without creating an environmental liability for future generations. All leather waste at Peles Pampa is recycled and completely transformed into nitrogenous organic fertilizer, avoiding an environmental liability of approximately 1,500 tons per year.

Atmospheric emissions

All atmospheric gas emissions are tested and measured according to the emission standards defined by the environmental agency. In addition, all the chimneys of the painting booths used during the leather finishing stage have state-of-the-art gas washer/killer system in accordance with all Brazilian and European regulations.


We have reforested areas of about 400 acres where we plant eucalyptus and acacia to balance the consumption of biomass. Currently about 30% of the consumed volume of firewood is produced by the company itself, reducing the need for external sources. Moreover, we can estimate that the company’s adopted reforestation technique can significantly reduce its carbon footprint by an estimated 4,100 tons of CO2 per year during the first 20 years of plant life. For comparison purposes, this estimated carbon dioxide recovery figure represents the total emissions of approximately 1,800 popular gasoline run cars during the same year.

Chemical Products

The company has implemented a substance restriction policy to control all chemical products used in its units and ensure that they represent the best market practices. The work carried out in partnership with some of the largest chemical companies in the world combined with a complete schedule of laboratory tests allows constant monitoring of the entry and exit of products from our unit and the guarantee with compliance with the main international regulations and best environmental practices.

Natural lighting

Why waste electricity when we can illuminate huge spaces with sunlight? Peles Pampa’s factory lighting is natural and highly sustainable through transparent tiles throughout the industrial floor. The estimated annual electricity savings by using solar lighting is 120,000 kWh per year

Chemicals Reuse

The solvents used in the process are later recycled and reused for internal factory cleaning. The sludge is sent to external recycling and serves as raw material for paint and industrial demarcations. We have three solvent regenerators that together guarantee 100% treatment of the solvents used.

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We work with independent international associations to ensure transparency and communicate directly with the market through our certifications. Recently we were awarded with Gold classification in recognition of our environmental management work by LWG (Leather Working Group). We achieved certification for the best sustainable practices in the production process, a set of evidences was observed to promote sustainable development and appropriate environmental management practices within our industry.

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